Diamond Del BookDiamond Del's Search for the Crown Jewels Program

This program is for schools who order less than 50 collections. We will not be able to ship the mining boxes and ore for orders less than 50 collections.

How it Works

We will send you a copy of our book "Diamond Del's Search for the Crown Jewels" along with the collections you order. It takes 5-10 minutes to read the book to your class. Give the collections to the students and have them place them on their desks. Next, read the book to the class. When Diamond Del finds a gem, have them look for the gem in their collection. After you read the book, the students will watch our 15 minute online video in which Diamond Del shows them how to classify and identify their collections by observing their physical properties. In the video, Diamond Del explains what the physical properties are and how geologists use them to identify rocks and minerals.

In order to provide free shipping we ask for a minimum order of 20 collections. The collections cost $10-$12 each. Click here to order your collections.