Easy Classroom Activity

How it Works

  • 1
    Collect $12/student and place order online.
  • 2
    All necessary activity supplies are shipped directly to the school. Please allow _________ weeks for delivery.
  • 3
    Watch our 4 minute online "Easy Set Up Directions" Video, and arrange classroom mining kits as directed.
  • 4
    Students view our 15 minute Before Mining video online. This video explains the directions and identifies the gems students will find during the activity.
  • 5
    The fun begins! Students sift through their mining boxes uncovering their keepsake gem collections. This typically takes 20 minutes.
  • 6
    Students view our 15 minute After Mining STEM video covering State Science Standards. Students utilize the color identification charts provided to classify and identify their gems.
  • 7
    Reuse the mining equipment for subsequent classes.
  • 8
    Simply reorder collections the following year and reuse the provided mining equipment.

Set Up Video

in class gem minint set up instructions